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Executive Committee Meeting Notes

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  • 17 Jun 2016 12:41 PM
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    Thanks for the updates and thanks to all the club officials for your efforts in continuously improving the program for all of us.  Can't wait for next weekend.

  • 23 Jul 2016 8:45 AM
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    Scott Cloninger (Administrator)

    July Executive Committee and General Membership Meetings:

    This month's meetings were short and sweet.  At the Executive Committee meeting on July 16th we discussed:

    Money....the club is doing well financially.  This year if we consider ONLY operational earnings every event except one (the June race day) made money.  If you we consider operational earnings AND sponsorships broken down on a per-event basis we've made money at every event.  In fact, we're far enough ahead that we're considering what to do with surplus to avoid paying taxes on it.  The most obvious place is air fence, as we have several sections that are degrading badly and should be substantially repaired or replaced.  Cost of a new section is $1600 per, so we don't want to buy many, but it's a possibility.  Most of the degradation is from exposure to sunlight during storage, so we're also looking at storage options to shield the air fence from the sun on the 352 days a year when it's not in use.

    All was set for the July 17th race, so no drama there.

    Cassandra and Katrina are officially the "Banquet Committee" for the 2016 awards banquet, so those preparations are already underway.  Rylee Hahn put together a package of banquet room reservations and a room block at the Courtyard by Mariott near Paseo and I-25, so get ready for a party on November 5th.  We'll be having Barbeque and the cost will be $40 per person.

    The only other topic of discussion was the whichcall system which we used to some effect at the July round.  During races for the remainder of the year riders can visit and click on SMRI along the top of the page to see our track day and race calls during the day.  This has been effected to address concerns that calls are sometimes hard to hear, so it's just another way to see what's going on at Sandia.  There is no cost associated with whichcall.  Verbal calls will continue as previously was the case.  Thanks to Mike Carr for use of his system!!!

    At the general membership meeting topics of discussion were few as the only people present were me (Scott), Katrina, new racer Josh Hill and his wife Leah (hope I spelled that right).  We basically ate milkshakes and talked about racing.

  • 08 Nov 2017 1:30 PM
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    Scott Cloninger (Administrator)

    It has been a while, as most of our meetings have been pretty boring and mundane, but the last meeting of the year was not so I thought I'd drop some notes for the membership at large.

    We met the Monday before the banquet, October 30, at Kings of Speed World Headquarters (a.k.a. Steve Brown's garage) and had a little pizza and beer while chatting about the club and our plans for 2018.  Several things were decided.

    First was the matter of configuration.  After polling most of the club's members, we have found that many of our club do not like the alternate configuration, but many do.  However, most simply have little preference.  From that standpoint we are justified running both configuration.  Further polling found that nobody could (or would) enumerate a specific "safety hazard" with the alternate configuration outside of pavement irregularities, so we have decided to run the alternate configuration for 2018.  We came up with a schedule and it WILL NOT BE ALTERED unless an act of nature or some other disaster demands it.

    Second, we discussed schedule.  We talked about when to start, when to finish, double headers, track days, and considerations like holidays or MotoGP Austin.  The schedule we've come up with is pretty simple.  We will host seven race days as we did this year, with five track days.  The track days will be on Saturdays preceding race days, and the July event will be a racing double header with racing on both Saturday and Sunday.

    Each event will be hosted on the third weekend of the month.

    THERE WILL BE NO STAND ALONE SUNDAY TRACK DAYS IN 2018.  We've hosted Sunday track days as long as I've been part of the club, but for the last several years (at least four) we've lost money on nearly every stand alone track day we've hosted.  We cannot afford to bleed money to host Sunday track days.

    May, July, August, and October events will be in the "standard configuration.

    June and September events will be in the "alternate configuration".  Again, WE WILL NOT CHANGE THESE CONFIGURATION ARRANGEMENTS.  Don't bother asking, because it's simply NOT going to happen.

    Ed and Nicole will be staying on in the capacity of Safety Officers assuming they want to continue. 

    We will search for a more permanent Timing and Scoring solution over the winter.

    We will consider rewriting the Secretary's role over the winter.   

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