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What to Bring to the Track

by Scott Cloninger

If you're like most new roadracers the effort of getting your license, preparing your motorcycle, buying all the necessary safety gear, and getting to the track is a pretty intensive effort.  The last thing you want is to do is jump through all those hoops, then get to the track and be unable to compete because you forgot something.  It's more common than you can possibly imagine, but here are a few tips to keep you from stepping into that pitfall.

Make a list.  It sounds simple, but a list of the things you'll need at the track is an effective way for you to make sure you load everything you need.  It doesn't need check boxes, or item numbers, or fancy fonts.  It can be computerized or handwritten as long as you understand it and can use it.  (Mine stays taped to the lid of my race box....which brings us to item 2)

Keep all the things that are easy to forget in one place so you won't forget them.  It can be a shelf in your garage, a drawer in your chest, or a box in your attic, just keep it in one place unless you use it for other things.

Replace things as you use them up.  Maybe scribble a list on the back of your list or something, just remind yourself that you need things so you don't wind up needing them and not having them.

Now down to brass tacks.  What should you bring? goes!

  • Bring your gear.
      • A helmet
      • A pair of boots
      • A pair of gloves
      • A set of leathers
  • Then to the less obvious gear.....
      • Your race license
      • Your AMA card
      • Your health insurance card
      • A few sets of ear plugs
      • A spare pair of socks
      • A spare undershirt (I personally like the "base layer" stuff many places wicks sweat away and keeps you cooler)
      • Something to clean your face shield (a microfiber cloth and some Windex works for me)
      • A cap to keep the sun off your head and the back of your neck while you walk around the pits
      • Something to keep you hydrated...water or a drink with electrolytes
  • Then bring the stuff you need for your bike
      • Fuel
      • Motor oil
      • A tire pressure gauge...a good one...your life might depend on it, so don't bring a little crappy "stick pops out of the tube" gauge!
      • Chain lube
      • Basic tools, especially those you might need to make adjustments to things that don't fit you well, adjust your suspension, change tires, or replace things that might be damaged in a light crash like clip-ons or footpegs.
      • Spare clip-ons and footpegs that might be damaged in a light crash
      • Safety wire and safety wire pliers
      • A few rags
      • A bit of grease
      • Some duct tape
      • Some electrical tape
      • A Sharpie marker
      • A FIRE EXTINGUISHER (SMRI rules require every Pit Station to have a fire extinguisher!)
  • Then, finally, there are things that aren't necessary, but can make your life more comfortable if you have them and a way to transport them.
      • A selection of John Lee Hooker and BB King songs on a loud device of your choice.  Really, this is more for me.  It'll keep me happy if I've pitted next to you.
      • An EZ-Up or other shelter
      • Something to keep your EZ-Up from flying away when it gets windy
      • A folding chair or two
      • A cooler for your water or drinks with electrolyte
      • Cash for lunch, unless you just brought food and snacks.  Bring enough for me!
      • A rug or carpet to sit on the ground while you work on your bike
      • Some ibuprofen, aspirin, or another pain killer
      • A printout of the Roadrace Event Daily Schedule to keep track of when you'll be racing

OK....I'm sure I've missed some stuff.  Maybe I'll consult my list and add to this later.  For now, this should be a heck of a start to get you to the track ready to race.  Good luck in your efforts, and please let us know if there's anything SMRI can do to help you get competitive more quickly!

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