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Sandia Motorcycle Roadracing, Inc. is an organization whose purpose is to promote motorcycling and motorcycle road racing through operation of a club that hosts Rider Education events, Track Days, and Roadracing events throughout the year for the benefit of its members and the public at large.  SMRI operates primarily at Sandia Motorsports Park (Directions) just west of Albuquerque, NM and typically hosts events beginning in May and ending in October each year.   You may register as an SMRI member on the Join us page, or see Events to see what's coming up and to register to actively participate in any of our upcoming events!  Admission to SMRI events costs only $5 at the gate for spectators, including Pit Access, so bring the whole family to see what's happening in fabulous, sunny New Mexico!

Kimberly Prichard, SMRI #930, tips it in with a little company.  SMRI welcomes racers of every shape, size, age, and gender.


PLAN AHEAD: ORDER YOUR TIRES EARLY SO THEY ARE AVAILABLE! Call Brian at Speedin' Motorsports 505-215-0985 to place your order at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

Remember all members need to work 8 volunteer hours this season. Below are ways to do so!

Setting up and taking down airfence is done every weekend. Tech and Crash are in charge of this, but they need YOUR help!

Being a control rider not only allows you more track time, but it allows you to become a mentor for new riders. Contact Kim if you are interested.

Not riding this weekend? How about being a corner worker for your fellow racers or just the track day? The only view better is through your visor. 

Did you see the kids on that STACYC course? How about you design and set-up the next one. Or you can help Brian tear down and store it all at the end of the race day.

Our sponsor events are a great time to socialize and share the sport while working off those hours in a SMRI booth. Let us know what events you know about, and we can help you get the SMRI Law Tiger canopy. This one is flexible to your area and time.

*If you are needing a credit processed, please contact our treasurer Xen Stanhope. If we do not have an email, the credit will not be processed. 

Events and Announcements

Race Weekends

The third weekend of every month. 2022 Schedule will be released as soon as it is approved by the track. 

Spectators, Family, and Friends

Did you know that you can work off volunteer hours for a racer? Or what about making a little money while having the best seat in the house? The SMRI often needs corner workers! Contact our Chief Track Marshall Ben if interested

OCD Custom Cycles, Santa Fe - Every FIRST Thursday

OCD Custom Cycles, our Historic Vintage Middleweight sponsor, will be holding monthly bikes nights. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Dianna Franco Creations

If you haven't, check out Dianna's website gallery and Instagram! She comes out and takes pictures of our events, and will even put a spotlight on you for the day if you contact her beforehand. 

Dianna Franco


Click here to view and purchase pictures.

Track Day Fees

In order to ensure the clubs future, the fee for track days had to be increased this season to $150. This includes electric and water for campers. You can register for the entire season, BE AWARE of the refund policy.

Half day, Afternoon Track days are available for $80. A mandatory riders meeting will be held at noon during lunch. Trackday riders must attend the mandatory noon riders meeting. 

Race Day Fees

This year the race day fees have been restructured.  The first race is $150, every subsequent race is $20, but is capped at $210 for the day.  At the point of four races (equating the $210 max), you can enter every race you are eligible for. Purse fees are additional, as well as transponder rentals. You can register for the entire season, again BE AWARE of the refund policy.

RACERS - Make sure to update your AMA card information and expiration date in the website. In order to be put on the grids, these must be up to date!

NOTE: Events close at midnight on the FRIDAY before the event!

Kids Events for 2021

Have little ones that you want to get involved? Well this year the SMRI will have a STACYC race setup provided by Speedin' Motorsports, Motopia, and Dianna Franco Creations. Small races will be held each race day (Sunday) at lunch from noon to one.

There will be 2 age groups based on bike size; 3-5 years old will ride the 12, 5-8 years old will ride the 16. NO RIDER OVER 75lbs. There are 2 rental bikes of each size (4) available on a first come, first serve basis. However, if your child has raced with us previously we kindly ask that you allow a new rider the opportunity to try the bikes. Kids will need to have helmets, gloves, long pants, and tight or lace up closed toes shoes to participate. Depending on rider participation a boys, girls, and combined race will be held. 

*If your child has raced with us, look into purchasing your own STACYC. You can contact Speedin' Motorsports to order one at 505-215-0985.

Board Meetings

The board is conducting meetings on the second Thursday of each month.  If you have items that need to be addressed or would like to attend.  Please send us an email, we will make sure you get the Zoom meeting details. 

SMRI Board Members and Executive Officers 

Scott Cloninger - Board member

CJ Rodden - Board Member

Brian Robertson - Board Member

Justin D'Aloia - President (2022-2023)*

Kimberly Prichard - Vice President (2021-2022)*

Cassandra Robertson - Secretary (2021-2022)*

Xen Stanhope - Treasurer

Ken Kilness - New Rider Director (2022-2023)*

Ben Rasmussen- Chief Track Marshall (2022-2023)*

Christopher Franco - Timing and Scoring officer

Rob Burnside - Tech and Safety officer

Amber Burnside - Marketing & Sponsorship

*These are voted positions. If you want to see changes in the club, the best way is to become apart of the executive team. Contact any of us if you are interested. 

2022 SMRI Events Calendar

Upcoming Events

Current Race Results and Track Times

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SMRI is a club dedicated to the promotion of the activity of motorcycling and motorcycle racing.  You may join as a track day participant, an associate member, or a racer.

SMRI Rulebook

Download the current SMRI rulebook by clicking here: Rule Book

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