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What's new for 2017?

Lots of changes are on hand for the 2017 season, and we're hopeful that they'll all work for the better! 

Cassandra Robertson has stepped aside as Secretary and Heather Edwards has agreed to "assume the position" for 2017.  Cassandra will still be working with Heather and Katrina to keep things running smoothly.  We had elections at the end of 2016 and the results dictated that we install a shiny New Rider Director in the person of Kevin Gibson, a new Vice President who looks like Ken Kilness, and we've confirmed Justin D'Aloia as our Track Marshal.  The Board of Directors also tapped Dennis Parrish to sit on the governing Board of Directors in place of Keith Hahn who departed during the 2016 season.  Please make it a point to introduce yourself to you new officers.

For 2017 we'll also have Moto-Authority as our official trackside support vendor.  Brian Robertson and Speedin' Motorsports have decided to undertake new challenges for the 2017 season and beyond, so Steve Caruso and his crew at Moto-Authority have agreed to step into the breach and help keep things moving at SMRI.  We'll be posting more about tire ordering and payment procedures as Steve gets things ironed out.  Moto-Authority can be reached at 505.503.7613.

For 2017 we've renamed some of the Novice and Amateur classes to be more aligned with the Expert slate.  Novice and Amateur GTU will now be named Novice and Amateur Middleweight Superbike to align with Expert Middleweight Superbike, and Novice and Amateur GTO will now be named Novice and Amateur Open Superbike to align with Expert Open Superbike.  This should make it more plain to new Novice riders where they should race and which classes they'll be working toward in the future.  This also opens the GTU and GTO nomenclatures to future endurance racing classes (which is where they originated) when we decide to take that step.

For 2017 all track day ticket presales will be made online only via the SMRI website.  This means that you can steer all your friends and family to this website for their tickets and there will be no more need to visit the sponsor to get $100 tickets.  If you're out of town this means no more calling a vendor, just log into the website and get your ticket.  It also means no more need to keep track of paper tickets.  Just get on, get your ticket, and go!  Same day tickets will still be available at the track for $125.

The Race Day Schedule has been changed for 2017.  The races are somewhat rearranged to make things more equitable between Expert and Novice Racers.  You may download the new schedule at Race Day Schedule.pdf

Finally, for 2017 we will run 7 race events and score only 6 of them for each racer.  That means you can miss a round, fall down in a race, or have a mechanical failure and not be on the outside looking in at a championship.  We hope that this will mean more meaningful racing at year's end and a chance for everyone to have their best possible showing in the 2017 season.  If you'll look at the season schedule you'll find a "double weekend" in July, and that is not a misprint.  We'll be racing in the "alternate configuration" on Saturday, then we'll rearrange the track overnight to ride in the "standard configuration" on Sunday.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2017.  Feel free to call any of your officers or drop a note on the forums on this website if you have questions or concerns.

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Sandia Motorcycle Roadracing, Inc. is an organization whose purpose is to promote motorcycling and motorcycle road racing through operation of a club that hosts Rider Education events, Track Days, and Roadracing events throughout the year for the benefit of its members and the public at large.  SMRI operates primarily at Sandia Motorsports Park (Directions) just west of Albuquerque, NM and typically hosts events beginning in April and ending in October each year.   You may register as an SMRI member on the Join us page, or see Events to see what's coming up and to register to actively participate in any of our upcoming events!  Admission to SMRI events costs only $5 at the gate for spectators, including Pit Access, so bring the whole family to see what's happening in fabulous, sunny New Mexico!

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