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October Track Day


October's official club track day, Sponsored by OCD Custom Cycles & Repair and Desert Desmo LLC, will be Saturday, October 21st.


Tickets are on sale now in the Events section of this website for $100 (Events), or you may purchase them on site the day of the event for $125.  We'll be running this event in the Standard Configuration.  We'll follow this Saturday track day with racing on Sunday the 22nd.

Be sure to visit OCD Custom Cycles and Repair in Santa Fe for your BMW Motorcycle needs, and Desert Desmo LLC in Albuquerque for your Ducati Motorcycle maintenance chores!


We continue to get questions over scoring for the 2017 season, so here's the "skinny" for how to score your Championships!

For the first time, the 2017 SMRI season consists of SEVEN rounds.  That's one more than the traditional six rounds comprising seasons past.  However, of this season's seven rounds ONLY the best six will count towards championships scoring.  That is, we will count your six BEST RESULTS in each individual championship.

That means if you miss a round, fall down, break down, or you just don't feel like riding one day, you'll still get a chance to compete in the championships you care about! 

Let's say a rider rides in three different championships.....A, B, and C.  His results are as follows:


 Round 1

1st:  30 pointsDNS:  0 points 1st:  30 points
 Round 21st:  30 points 1st:  30 points 1st:  30 points
 Round 31st:  30 points 1st:  30 points 1st:  30 points
 Round 41st:  30 points 1st:  30 points 1st:  30 points
 Round 51st:  30 points 1st:  30 points 1st:  30 points
 Round 61st:  30 points 1st:  30 points 1st:  30 points
 Round 7DNS:  0 points 1st:  30 points

 1st:  30 points

The rider scores 180 points in each championship.  In Class A he drops round 7.  In Class B he drops round 1.  In class C he drops any round, because we only score 6 of his 7 wins. 

The only time we'll consider ALL SEVEN ROUNDS is for use as the first tie breaker in the event of a tie in a championship.  The second tie breaker will be number of wins.  So, let's say two riders ride in a class all season:

 Round 1 1st:  30 points 3rd:  21 points
 Round 2 2nd:  25 points 1st:  30 points
 Round 3 1st:  30 points 2nd:  25 points
 Round 4 2nd:  25 points 1st:  30 points
 Round 5 1st:  30 points 2nd:  25 points
 Round 6 2nd:  25 points 1st:  30 points
 Round 7 DNS:  0 points 2nd:  25 points

Rider A drops round 7 and Rider B drops round 1 leaving each rider with three first place and three second place finishes.  Both riders score 165 points and tie for the championship.  The first tie breaker is to tally all seven rounds.  Considering all seven rounds Rider A scores 165 points and Rider B scores 186 points, so Rider B is the declared the Class Champion! 

We hope this clears things up with regard to scoring for the 2017 season.  Feel free to contact any club officer if you have any questions.

Ride, Learn, or Watch with SMRI! 

Sandia Motorcycle Roadracing, Inc. is an organization whose purpose is to promote motorcycling and motorcycle road racing through operation of a club that hosts Rider Education events, Track Days, and Roadracing events throughout the year for the benefit of its members and the public at large.  SMRI operates primarily at Sandia Motorsports Park (Directions) just west of Albuquerque, NM and typically hosts events beginning in April and ending in October each year.   You may register as an SMRI member on the Join us page, or see Events to see what's coming up and to register to actively participate in any of our upcoming events!  Admission to SMRI events costs only $5 at the gate for spectators, including Pit Access, so bring the whole family to see what's happening in fabulous, sunny New Mexico!

Kimberly Prichard, SMRI #930, tips it in with a little company.  SMRI welcomes racers of every shape, size, age, and gender.

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