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Rider's Meeting Outline

Track Day:

1.      Welcome to our____ Track Day.

2.      Our Sponsor for today is ________.

3.      Officers show who there are so new people know where to find them.

4.      We will be using the _______ Configuration for today.

a.      Features you need to be aware of for today are:

                                                    i.     Pit Out and Pit In are located.     Expectations: 

                                                   ii.     Wait for Pit Out to signal you to enter the track.

                                                  iii.     Pit Out will be checking stickers

                                                  iv.     NO ONE BUT club OFFICIALS are allowed on the track, in the event of an incident.

                                                   v.     You as the rider are responsible for those in your pits.

b.      Signal in Double Apex turn (Turn #____) if you are going to exit the track.

c.      Track surface notes for the day: ____________________

d.      Corner workers will be in the following turns: ___________.

5.      If you Crash:  By Crash, I mean have any part of your bike except the wheels touch the track surface or the dirt.   You MUST have your bike re-teched.

a.     If you leave the track surface but stay up right wait for the corner work to signal as to when you can re-enter the track surface.

6.      Passing for all Sessions:

a.      MUST be done for the other rider’s comfort, NOT yours.  (6 ft cushion)

b.      In the Novice session there is no passing to the side where the rider is tipping toward you.  Note: coming up the inside of the turn is strictly forbidden.

c.      The overtaking rider, is responsible for making the pass cleanly and safely.

d.      The rider being passed is responsible for being predictable and holding their line.

e.   There shouldn't be any drama due to a pass.  Again, just so it is clear.... make the pass for the other rider's comfort, not yours.

7.      There are not any wheelies allowed on track days.  PERIOD.   It’s safety issue.

a.      Wheelie bump:  Yes, there is one spot where you can easily power wheelie.   Avoid it.

b.      Wheelies are subjective, but you will only be given ONE warning. 

8.      Flags that will be used today are: (demo)

a.      Checker

b.      Blue

c.      Yellow (Stationary & Waving)

d.      Debris (Stationary & Waving)

e.      Red

9.      Show of Wrist bands for waivers. 

a.      Those without will have to sign at the meeting.

b.      Riders should have had to show theirs at Tech.

10.   Track Day Class:

a.      Who is attending for their first time today?

                                                    i.     Race School?

b.      Meets in the tower at the end of the rider’s meeting

c.      First Track day?  You need to attend.

d.      Control Riders: are club officials and a few select others.  All will have a vest on. Any one of them are willing to assist you or answer questions.

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