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Executive Committee Meeting Notes

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  • 07 Dec 2015 2:23 PM
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    Scott Cloninger (Administrator)

    In the interest of keeping everything the club does above board for the membership I am publishing the meeting minutes of the each Executive Committee meeting here.  For those who are not familiar, the Executive Committee consists of the Board of Directors (three permanent members) and the Club's elected and appointed officers.

    There are currently no outstanding issues from 2015 to consider.  All the bills are paid for the year and all issues were handled.

    Financially, the club is in good shape.  We finished the year with approximately $11,000 in the bank to end the year, up approximately $5000 from the end of last year and in the target zone (we intend to keep $10,000 year to year if possible).  We have authorized the purchase of a new computer for Timing & Scoring so that we can update that software.  We will also repair the rental leathers in the off season (the were dropped of for repair today, December 7), and will repair air fence.

    For next season we have already confirmed Trophy Sponsorship for 11 of the club's 21 classes.  A further 5 are expected to renew leaving 5 available for sponsorship and we are currently working to sell those 5.  Available classes include Expert Formula 1000, Amateur GTU, Modern Vintage, Amateur 500 Supersport, and Time Attack (The last two are new this year).

    We have already sold 5 of next year's 7 track day sponsorships and have solid leads for the other 2.  We fully expect to have sponsors for all 7 dates in 2016!

    For Contingency in 2016 we have agreements with several vendors.  We have committed to do a better job posting results for 2016 (Bridgestone DEMANDS we do better if we want to keep contingency with them), so expect better in the coming year.  We have confirmed contingency with or expect it from:

    • Bridgestone
    • Chickenhawk
    • EBC
    • Pitbull

    We're also considering Vortex, Motul, Amsoil, Silkolene.  Further, we have confirmed a sponsorship program with Pilot Leathers for ALL who apply for sponsorship with them!  If you have a vendor you think we should apply for contingency with, please let us know ASAP, as most require a program in place before the turn of the new year.

    No paperwork needs to be submitted to the State to fulfill the Club's charter for 2015.  We will need to renew the Club's AMA charter and submit race sanctioning forms, as the AMA's event insurance is the most cost effective we can currently find.

    Scott (me) is to contact the Ambulance company to inform them of our 2016 dates.

    We made it plain that all officers and appointed officials must be SMRI members (Associate Members at the very least) for 2016, as that rule was violated in the past.

    We have agreed in principle to have Law Tigers as the SMRI series sponsor for 2016.  Terms are to be ironed out in the next two months.

    We discussed the 2016 Event Program quite a bit but are still undecided on its exact format.  If you have ideas, sing out.  A more intense discussion will take place over the next few weeks.

    We agreed to move the North/South Cup event at Arroyo to March in lieu of April to avoid overlap with Kelcey and Amber's wedding.  This should result in better turnout from both clubs!  This discussion was made in concert with Roger Heemsbergen at Arroyo Seco.

    Rylee Hahn will take care of arranging the 2016 Awards Banquet.  We should know what's happening by January 2016.

    Trophies for 2016 were discussed.  We think we'll move to a cast medallion format and offer end of year display plaques for each racer's entire stock of 2016 trophies so they can be neatly displayed in a small space!  Expect more details before the season starts.

    Finally, Kelcey Walker resigned as Vice President for 2016 due to his heavy load of current commitments.  The Board have appointed Brian Robertson to stand as Vice President for the 2016 season and the office will be open for election at the next election cycle.

    I will add the notes from next month's Executive Committee Meeting as a post to this thread, so if you want to know where the club is going you're welcome to read about what we're doing and make suggestions as you see fit.

  • 10 Feb 2016 1:56 PM
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    Scott Cloninger (Administrator)

    I'm a little tardy publishing this, but here is what was discussed at the January meetings:


    Attendees at the Executive Committee meeting were Dave Dikitolia, Keith Hahn, Scott Cloninger, Katrina D'Aloia, and Ed Junker with Brian Robertson, Cassandra Robertson, and Kimberly Prichard joining via telephone.


    Class sponsorship invoices will be distributed within the next 30 days.  In fact, since I have the luxury of having been lazy in posting, I can report that they were distributed yesterday for all the confirmed sponsors.

    We'll need to buy a few items for the upcoming season in the arena of safety gear.  We'll look into purchasing a few additional traffic cones, and we'll be purchasing shingles to repair the Tuff Shed.

    We'll be hosting an Air Fence Repair Party at the track the first weekend of April.  Anyone interested in working off their novice hours early this year, or in just coming out to help the club is welcome to volunteer to help.

    We'll be working on replacing the Track Marshal's chair as it was damaged last year.

    The new Timing & Scoring laptop is in and software has been loaded.  Initial reports regarding improved function are excellent!

    The North/South Challenge event has been moved to March in lieu of April to avoid overlap with Kelcey Walker's wedding.  We'll be racing at Arroyo Seco on March 12/13 (track day on the 12th, racing on the 13th).  ASRA members will NOT have to purchase an SMRI license for the event as we will honor ASRA licenses, but they will need a valid AMA membership card to participate as it is required by our insurance carrier.

    AMA forms for 2016 have been submitted, as have our event schedule and all our sanctioning applications.

    We have submitted our schedule to Medicine Bow for 2016 as well to make sure we have satisfactory ambulance support.

    Any members who'd like a 2016 license mailed to them in order to participate at the March Arroyo Seco event need to submit a request to Cassandra Robertson as soon as possible.  Alternately, feel free to call me and I'll pass along your request.  505.238.0323 for Scott.....that's me.  Alan Dye....I've already passed along your request!

    We have secured contingency support from Bridgestone for 2016.  All forms are up on the SMRI website.

    Several officers' job descriptions are out of date and are being updated.  New descriptions will be posted shortly for members' review.

    We will check with Medicine Bow regarding their need for medical data.  If they tell us they no longer need it we will stop storing that data in SMRI's archives and stop requiring it yearly as a condition of membership.

    We discussed several procedural issues with grid sheets, tech slips, contingency forms, etc.  Notes will be made available to everyone when decisions are made.  This was in conjunction with job descriptions above.

    SMRI are proud to announce that Law Tigers have agreed to become the SERIES SPONSOR for 2016.  This year our series will be titled "Law Tigers' Sandia Motorcycle Roadracing Championship."

    The race day schedule will be reorganized to combine Formula 1000 and Historic Vintage Middleweight and to combine Super Street and Amateur 500 Supersport.  Previously HVMW and SS were combined, F1000 ran alone, and 500 was combined with 250.  This change was made to allow 250 riders a "bump" class.

    We're considering possibilities for the Pit Out Marshal.  We've extended an offer to Brandon Prince for the 2016 season.

    For the 2016 season we will no longer accept mailed entry forms.  Online registration will remain open until midnight on Friday before a race on Sunday.  Registration for the first race of the season is currently open.  Subsequent races will be opened the Monday after each race.  Time Attack will incur a $10 purse fee and ULGP will incur a $40 purse fee.  Board members will continue to pay at least their $30 per bike fee at registration.

    Tech stickers will be different in 2016, and will be attached only to the bike.  No safety gear will be inspected at Technical Inspection.

    We'll be putting together a draft of the 2016 season program shortly.  We'll post drafts here if anyone is interested.







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  • 11 Feb 2016 10:05 PM
    Reply # 3817723 on 3686556

    Excellent report - thank you for all for the continued support, efforts and transparency.

  • 18 Feb 2016 9:35 AM
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    Scott Cloninger (Administrator)

    The general membership meeting was held last night at Route 66 Diner.  It was attended by me, Steve Brown, Yolanda Smith, and Greg Sterosky.  Hurley Wilvert attended briefly via telephone.  The only item of business brought up by the membership was access to the Bridgestone contingency forms.  As we chatted I made it easier to access the Bridgestone contingency page and download the forms, so all of you should be able to navigate there by picking "Roadracing" from the list of tabs at the top of this page....then select "Roadracing Resources"....then "Contingency Program"....and finally "Bridgestone Contingency Program".  If you like you can just click Bridgestone Contingency Program.

    Western States Fire Protection submitted a check for their 2016 class sponsorship through Yolanda Smith.  Thanks, YoYo!!!

    Hurley Wilvert also confirmed that while he will not be racing with the club any longer due to medical considerations he will continue to sponsor a class through HTW racing for the 2016 season.  Quelle class!  Thanks, Hurley!!!

    Route 66 Diner also still has really good milkshakes.

  • 23 Mar 2016 9:25 AM
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    Scott Cloninger (Administrator)

    The General Membership Meeting and the Executive Committee Meeting were both held last week.  Topics of discussion were as follows:

    Brian is still working to get SMRI leadership shirts to help identify them to club members and others at events.  (Each officer will pay for his or her own shirt).  He expects proofs shortly.

    SMRI have an ad to appear in the Roadracing World Trackday Directory issue to appear in April 2016.  We'll have both our schedule and an ad published in this issue.

    Licensing School on March 5 and 6 was a success.  The club paid half the proceeds of the event to the track (nine students at $180 each is allocated as $810 to the track, $180 to YCRS for setting Kim up as a trainer, and the $630 to the Club's account)  One rider did not pass the course due to a relatively serious accident, but everyone else is licensed and ready to compete in the 2016 Championship!

    The Secretary's laptop and printer will now print forms during track days and race days.  (we purchased a new printer so that she won't have to lug around lots of forms that often become obsolete)

    All of the Club's leadership are to submit a short bio for the 2016 program.  All Club members are encouraged to update their bios on the website in case we choose to highlight them in the program.

    For the 2016 season all racing events are AMA sanctioned, meaning sanctioning forms have been submitted and fees have been paid to AMA.  We still need to pay for insurance for each event at least 2 weeks in advance and we must submit reports for each event.  AMA have sent us new copies of two posters we are required to display in registration.  Several key Club officers have agreed to sit through AMA's online class demonstrating how to fill out paperwork in case they are needed to do so.

    We have wristbands for the 2016 season.  If we need more Katrina will take care of acquiring additional supplies.

    Trophies are still being designed and priced.  Rylee has assured us she has this in hand and will have the design finalized for review this week and that we'll have trophies by May 8th.

    We are also investigating whether or not the Timing and Scoring system will separate two races started from the same grid into two results sheets for purposes of reporting.

    We will have a Maintenance Day the first Saturday in April (April 2).  We plan to repair air fence, the roof of the Tuff Shed, the Track Marshal's chair, evaluate supplies used at all Corner Marshals' stations, and generally see that everything is ready for the upcoming season.  Any Novice racers who are required to work "Novice Hours" are encouraged to attend this date and get those hours out of the way early.  Any racers who are not required to work "Novice Hours" but would like to help the club are likewise encouraged to help!

    Jereme Ragsdale at Sign Design Graphics is working on printing Track Day tickets and technical inspection stickers for the upcoming season.  He has tickets coming this week (for the entire season!) and tech stickers before the first track day.

    We're still looking for a Pit Out Marshal for the year.  We have one or two candidates but nothing firm.  If you or someone you know might be interested please get in touch!

    Sponsorships are going well for the 2016 season.  All the track days have sponsors and all but five classes have sponsors.  We also have a new series sponsor in Law Tigers.  If you or anyone you know might be interested in a class sponsorship for $350 per year please get in touch!

    Kim is fiddling with reports that the new website will print from the event registration utility to ease tasks in Registration on race days.  We'll keep you apprised if you're interested in the machinations of administration.

    Hurley Wilvert, who attended Wednesday's General Membership Meeting, is THE MAN ..... just in case you were wondering.  He's still recovering form last year's crash in turn 5 and won't be racing with us this year, but he has continued his sponsorship of SMRI's Novice GTU class for the 2016 season.  He'll be around some this year, so when you see Hurley in the pits be sure to say "Hi" and share a few minutes with him.  You'll be surprised at the stories he can tell!




  • 24 Mar 2016 4:17 PM
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    Deleted user

    Thanks for the update Scott.

    With regard to the 2016 race day schedule. Any news about the Novice races being pushed to the end of the race day and if that is going to be corrected? 

  • 24 Mar 2016 6:20 PM
    Reply # 3904447 on 3904348
    Scott Cloninger (Administrator)
    Matt Zorn wrote:

    Thanks for the update Scott.

    With regard to the 2016 race day schedule. Any news about the Novice races being pushed to the end of the race day and if that is going to be corrected? 

    "Corrected" isn't so much the case as "altered", but we are looking at changing a novice race to earlier in the day.  I'll keep you in the loop!
  • 19 May 2016 4:09 PM
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    Scott Cloninger (Administrator)

    Just a quick addition to this thread to share what was discussed in the Executive Committee meeting held on May 7th after the track day.

    Several members have been extended a credit for their race day fees due to an inability to attend the event.  Jaime Smith....gotta love her....couldn't attend the May 8th race and rather than take a credit for herself extended her fees as a "sponsorship" of Lisa Garcia and paid for her to race, instead!  Next time you see Jaime be sure to give her a squeeze.

    We had a few issues with the first track day of the year in April that we hope to avoid in future iterations. 

    • We had no Technical Inspection stickers, but new ones are here this weekend so that issue is solved. 
    • Now that we've had two track days in excess of 70 riders in 2016 (71 on April 24 and 77 on May 7!!!) we've discussed splitting all track days over 60 participants into four groups, treating the "school group" as a fourth rider group, and cutting sessions to 15 minutes from 20 minutes.  This should result in safer conditions for all riders.  We'll also be asking EVERYONE with a race license to ride in the Expert group regardless of the bike they've brought to ride.  This will help limit the number of riders in the Intermediate group.  Groups will be capped at 25 riders and once the cap is hit riders will be asked to choose a different group.
    • Kim will provide Registration a list of riders she has asked to assist with the school portion of the track day in order to avoid confusion.
    • We received the following feedback:
      • Calls are hard to hear
      • Grids on facebook are excellent (for race days)
      • Would be nice to see results on facebook (for race days)
    • We will plan to post grids and results on facebook moving forward so that everyone can share them in their pits!
    • If anyone didn't notice Sandia BMW provided SMRI with new control riders' vests!  Next time you're at Sandia BMW or Santa Fe BMW be sure to extend a "Thank You".

    Also, at the May General Meeting these issues were discussed:

    • Why are ULGP riders gridded by qualifying time and not the others?
      • ULGP is a special case and the club's leadership have decided to extend the class a bit of extra time in order to make the competition in the class as robust as possible.  Gridding all the races for each event requires significant time and effort on the part of the club's Secretary, Cassandra Robertson.  Online Registration closes Friday at midnight and Cass spends several hours on Saturday preparing grids for the Sunday event.  If she had to grid every race by qualifying time we wouldn't be able to post grids early in the day and the likelihood of errors would be greater. 
    • What determines when riders are gridded by qualifying time, by class points, or by time of registration?
      • The answer is a bit convoluted, but is actually quite simple.  It goes like this:
        • ONLY ULGP is gridded by qualifying time.  If a rider enters the race but does not choose to participate in qualifying he or she will be gridded at the back of the pack, behind those who did participate, by order of registration time.
        • Most other classes are gridded as follows:
          • First, all racers who entered ONLINE are gridded by their class points, regardless of whether or not they paid online.  As long as you register ONLINE you will be gridded by points....except in the first race of the year when nobody has points...then everyone is gridded by time of registration.
          • Second, all racers who entered ON-SITE are gridded by time of registration behind all the riders who registered ONLINE.
        • Two SMRI races are ALWAYS gridded by time of registration, and they are Time Attack and Superstreet.  In these two classes no championship points are tallied, so there are no points to use for grids. 
    • How does the club decide when to promote racers from Novice to Expert?
      • The short answer is, the club doesn't decide......Kim Prichard does!  I'll ask Kim to add an addenda to this post, but it basically works like this:
        • If a rider is than that....I mean FAST....Kim might ask the rider to accept promotion immediately.  Basically, if a rider can easily turn laps below 58 seconds in the standard configuration we believe they're too quick to compete with most Novice racers and we'll ask them to move up.  Notice I said we'll ASK them to move up, we generally won't force a promotion mid-year.  We want riders to be able to compete for championships and we don't think it's fair to force them to promote and be unable to compete any longer in Novice classes when they're doing well.  Most riders will promote when asked, but those who don't will be forced to promote at the end of the season for the following season's competition.
        • If a rider is but not silly fast....Kim might notice they're fast and automatically consider them for promotion between seasons.  Basically if they can easily turn laps in the 58 or 59 second bracket and they look really smooth doing it she'll take notice.
        • If a rider thinks they'd like to be promoted they can simply have a conversation with Kim and see what they need to do to earn promotion.  If you're one of the riders in the 58-59 second bracket and you think you'd like to be considered please take a few seconds to chat with Kim.  If she thinks you're safe and quick she'll likely give permission for you to put on a white plate!  If not, she'll usually have one or two things you'll need to work on before you're promoted.  The biggest thing, believe it or not, isn't time, but "race craft".  Are you smooth?  Are you safe?  Do you hold your line?  Are you easily upset when passed?  Kim's well trained eye sees all!

    That's it for now.  Feel free to drop me a question if you have one!

  • 19 May 2016 4:20 PM
    Reply # 4029722 on 3686556
    Kimberly Prichard (Administrator)

    On Promotion from Novice to Expert... Scott pretty much nailed it with one exception.. I 57-58 secs as a cut off.   As it states in the rule book if you can run within 113% of what the experts are running, for a like class.  I use 57-58 as the fast experts are usually running 51-52 sec lap times.  

    Also if you win the novice  O or U championship and you are running in the 58-59 second range, then the choice to move up is yours and I've asked the rider when that came up. 

    As usual my suggestion is to read the rule book your answers are in there... :-)

  • 17 Jun 2016 8:31 AM
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    Scott Cloninger (Administrator)

    OK....time for updates from the June 2016 meetings.

    In the Executive Committee meeting we discussed only a few issues.  We talked about preparations for the June 26 racing event and decided that everything is pretty much handled.  AMA sanctioning is set, insurance is in place, the ambulance has been secured, Keith will be absent so Katrina will be running the track with Justin D'Aloia acting as Starter. 

    We also discussed places where we fell short in May and how to get better for June.  We had a small problem with registration data being carried throughout the day so we've come up with a new way for handling registration forms.  We had a problem getting ULGP qualifying done and posted quickly so we've also come up with a more streamlined procedure for doing that.  Finally, we didn't get results done accurately and postings of lap times and results on MyLaps done well, so Dave and Rylee are sitting down Saturday for a little training with the good folks at MyLaps to make sure we have that all addressed for June 26!

    At the General Membership we had a normal turnout with seven people in all.  Discussion topics included clarifications to gridding procedures and printing of the new 2016 Program, which we hope to have in our hands by the June 26 event. 

    If you have any questions please drop me a line and I'll answer as quickly as I can.

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