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January 2021 Town Hall Meeting Notes:

  • 20 Jan 2021 2:35 PM
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    Kimberly Prichard (Administrator)


    SMRI Townhall meetings


    Jan 2021


    Steve, Dennis, Kim



    New Items To Be Discussed


    Attendance: Mtg1 30 people

    Mtg 2 18 people

    Mtg 3 22 people


    Introducing members, roles



    • Deteriorating. We need sponsors, financial need her to let everyone know. 1500/section, 10 needed (Cedric, JTom (Permian), Kenny Greene, Alan, Xen, Marc, Randy (possible) will buy a section if others will be presaled) get groups of friends together.
    • Being looked into storing it with Charlie so we can protect our investment.
    • Grant money available? Roadracing world action fund to help us get a better price, but the grant has diminished essentially. If we aligned with a school, would be able to get more.


    Rider recruitment

    • Discussed a MRA type race license, to do a mock race on the end of the track days, and a more gradual race license
    • New rider welcoming committee for new track and race day riders if wanted. 
    • Try to get to more social events (if able) volunteering to be at the booth to help recruit will be counted towards volunteer hours (canopies cobranded)
    • Nick Ienatshc to do clinic and schools for David Pierce, gives us fee for the day, we can divide it by a number and cap it at a number of riders. Suggests we divide it into half days (2 half day schools, one facility fee for the day, double the racers)
    • Getting other clubs out to see how the track feels, demos around the track. Brian, steve kim for clinics. 
    • Getting 250s and renting them out to a brand-new racer, loosely following rogers program. 
    • MiniGP, strider, stacyc, ovale, to get kids involved and create the new generation of riders.  
    • Be clear that it easy to take a street bike and prep for the track day. That a race bike is not a necessary purchase to do that.
    • Jtom – fees were a complaint
    • Simply – the track is the safest, cheapest way to ride your bike as fast as possible. Mentor at extra cost, cameras at extra cost, recruit at the dealerships – for track days not just racers. 
    • Mentoring so that it is one on one- hard to follow when you don’t know how to follow, there are 3 riders following, new bike, new track day experience. Walking the track, to point out markers, having one instructor on a bike so it can be seen without having to focus on riding themselves.
    • Steve, Chris, Rob to help build a 250 if we can get one donated or borrowed. 
    • Ask for gear from old racers. Riders, to donate
    • Open lapping suggested (one slow, one fast group) not much different from our track days – may be more risky
    • The crest to hand out some track day tickets
    • Nathan – encourage new riders, representatives introduce themselves take them under their wing, in order to welcome them, track walk, walk them through how to prep a race bike, why we modify, how to do it.
    • Diversify events for revenue – street ride with entry fee that reduces the overhead costs, expanding visibility, 
    • The diversity of the events could allow us to do destination rides, events to bring in revenue if the track is closed. To retain ridership
    • Can new riders be considered volunteer hours? 
    • How can we do events, even on smaller scale with COVID?


    Track & facilities

    • JTom – lease, relationship with Charlie, track in better condition
    • Agreed to hold rates, hold the third weekend May-Oct as long as the governor does not apply covid regulations. 
    • Charlie is filling cracks, and cleaning up the surface. Adding a bit of grit to ensure we have traction vs slip on that
    • Have discussed our issues – bathroom, swept clean, overall condition of facility, garbage collection, 


    Volunteers, support for club

    • Justin wants to ride Saturdays, a track marshall is needed, Steve will work afternoons, but we do want a permanent person. Greg Sterosky volunteered for morning, Steve afternoon!
    • Gate person required when the track is hot!! 
    • Crash needs a trailer – Chris Franco has one



    • We will be taking a restructure, slight increase based on the average number of racers (20/1.8 races) additional fees would be the GP purse fees, transponders
    • Now -track days paid for race days, used to be opposite
    • Abolish membership fee??
    • Ideas: Cut fees for race licensing/school, be able to connect with track, 
    • Marc – how much is racing going to cost, what is a tiered structure going to look like? Marc wants specifics. Transparency to the expenses, what can we cut? (ambulance by hour, track fee, ama insurance, website, cc processing, po box, workers)


    Mandatory 8 hours volunteer per race member

    • Corner working, working lunch hour
    • Control riding during lunch for baggers, non-regular racers/rider
    • Put events up and updated the website. 
    • Suggest shirts, colors to show officials, mentors, corner workers, etc. – something for new riders to put on the pits to let members know they are new to welcome them, or give them space when on the track.
    • Keith updated to sponsors. 
    • Social media (facebook and Instagram (NEW) to share events, photos, sponsors, videos, youtube videos!, Facebook/Instagram live. Requests that emails remain the main direct communication. (3 times, 3 notifications for events, volunteers needed (1 month, 2 weeks, 3 days) 
    • Clean the leathers. loaners out there during the service weekend.  


    Sponsors – 

    • -Tiered sponsor for less that $350 class sponsorship, we will take whatever dime so that we can run smoothly, put logos on flyers
    • Social media – share websites, events, pictures. 
    • Not much of a Harley turnout, but we did have a few turn out for a track day. David Pearson to do another track day to put the Harley and KTMs on the track
    • Demonstrate value and support back to the sponsors. 
    • Cards requested with bike and rider needs/requirements so that they are easy to hand out to potential riders.
    • Take SMRI meetings to sponsors/dealers rider bikes so that it creates awareness. 
    • Podcasts, livecasts with 2 representatives April to roll out in May from the coffee shop, also can do like a demo on how to build a race bike, or race prep. Can do every other month or so throughout the season. Roll out schedule now April to demo/walk through race prep do a show & sign to bring awareness to club.

    Website updated

    Marc would like to be a part of the track cleanup and assessment.

    We would like to help with the track infrastructure. Clean facilities bathrooms, garbage, electrical not working. 

    COVID - The track was in the news for non-compliance, nothing has been rescinded. We need to pay attention to photos posted without masks, not following rules. Enforcement of the mask wearing as a corporation. Comply to the state regulations.

    Pranab – needing to get out to the track, willing to meet up and help get people to the track. Helping them prep street bike at track. UBER for racebikes! – utilize social media. 

    Harley – a session for riders on track days. Track surface for dragging floorboards?? This is a concern. 

    North/South cup challenge - Sponsor for a purse, Kim in contact with Roger. 

    Procedures to handle issues, provide job descriptions so you know who to go talk to, more meetings to let everyone know how we are feeling 

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