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2021 Meeting Minutes

  • 06 Jan 2021 3:13 PM
    Message # 9728536
    Kimberly Prichard (Administrator)


    Sponsor Encouragement & Ideas

    • -        Suggests looking into sponsor structure. Add tiers if needed to cover expenses
    • -        See if sponsors are willing to donate things other than money “swag” to get riders excited for the season
    • -        Marketing material to add value for sponsors
    • -        Rotating SMRI bike nights for each sponsor
    • -        Co-branded canopies for LawTigers and SMRI for bike nights, motorcycle runs
    • -        Youth activities at lunch (see #3 youth programs)
    • -        Word out that the club exists- flyers at the shops, vendor booths/fair to draw out crowds (if able with covid) (see #3)
    • -        Track day tickets sponsored to new riders to expose them to the track environment.
    • -        Program similar to Roger @ ASMA – provide riders with a bike, they provide their gear and agree to fix anything broken. Offer it to new riders only with a one season commitment
    • -        Contact old riders and invite them back out. Ask for safety gear donations. Find ways to knock down obstacles for new racers.


    Financial Update

    • -        Xen picked up treasurer equipment 1/5/21 4 pm.
    • -        Needs 2-3 days to get a complete financial picture.


    New Riders, Youth programs

    • -        use social media – Facebook to create excitement not just for the riders but for the sponsors. Share each other’s events, sales, websites
    • -        Instagram created to add another page of interest to pull new riders, get in front of a new fresh crowd
    • -        youth activites – striders, stacyc, 50s, ovale, miniGP. Set up cones in the dirt of the infield, concrete to south of bleachers – working to figure out insurance and piggy backing on our events
    • -        Bike Fair/Event – antique bike show, music, food, combine with north south cup challenge (July)?, later in the year to get away from COVID not too late in the case of another winter flair up
    • -        -Look at mock races, multiple track day classes that allow a rider to earn their race license in small steps rather than large monetary commitment, and single race class availability. Move track day layout to 4-15 min sessions, one session could be the school/ similar to MRA superstreet.
    • -        Accentuate what the track has – free first come, first serve electric and camping to bring in other clubs’ riders.



    • -        Facebook, Instagram advertising could be utilized from budget
    • -        Needs current logos from sponsors
    • -        Flyers, posters, schedules, calendars, tshirts???
    • -        Glenn has 1 min professional video that can be used
    • -        8 class sponsors, 1 track day sponsor on books
    • -        Cris Beck to be contacted for KOB free advertising (Scott)
    • -        Glenn will also work on recruiting for jobs needed to be filled, needs all info pay, hours, etc.


    Townhall Meeting plan

    • -        All board/exec meeting present if able
    • -        Stick to what has been discussed
    • -        Address all questions anonymously in meeting minutes, post to forum to get to membership.
    • -        Steve to welcome and lead Thurs, Dennis lead Fri, Kim lead Sun
    • -        Introduce 2021 board and exec members & plans, but focus on membership asking questions, and getting in depth to them. We NEED them involved to make 2021 successful.
    • -        Ask for feedback on previous years, address what we can, takes notes to address later, especially if an action plan is needed.


    Charlie & Track

    • -        Charlie has us on the schedule and will hold our rate under a few conditions
    • 1)      Try to build, create youth events
    • 2)      Get our website up to date and developed – specifically up to date race results
    • 3)      Take a look at turn 3 corner station, see if it can be relocated
    • -        Charlie also shared that we could get insurance through him if cheaper than what we are getting. Something to look into.
    • -        Charlie may be able to empty one of the semis for our airfence
    • -        Hard inventory of airfence, numbers needed, if hay bales can be used in certain areas, schedule a day to go out need 2 to 3, Scott with schedule with Charlie. Kim volunteered, will bring a hay bale for reference.
    • -        If hay bales are needed, Brian will talk to Austin for hay bale covers, will donate what he has.


    Board meeting to be scheduled to address

    • -         Bylaws, rulebook, duties for all board members
    • -         websites (smri, facebook, paypal, Instagram, mylaps)
    • -         north/south cup challenge

    Clean up day to be scheduled!


    Townhall questions submitted

    • -        Exposure for the club, like toys for tots run?
    • -Addressed in Section 1 – canopies with lawtiger and SMRI could be set up at the start and end if we got involved in things like the toys for tots runs, or other bike events. Need volunteers to contact organizations about booths, and to man them.
    • -        Stunt competition to generate revenue, expose stunters to enclosed track environment
    • -would have to look at liability since there is not ambulance and the track is considered cold. Looking at youth events at lunch. See #3.
    • -        Air fence sponsorship, adopt a fence
    • -currently being discussed. Vinyl prints to put on the adopted section, date being scheduled to look into better storage for airfence, and how many pieces are needed.
    • -        2021 track and race day schedule
    • -we are on the track schedule with Charlie for a season as long as the state government and regulations allow it
    • -        Review fee structure for track and race days
    • -        We are currently looking at the financial health of the club with a licensed CPA in the position of treasurer and will be reviewing fees based on participation. We are looking to do more than break even if we can have a season without further COVID/State interference and want to ensure the future of the club.
    • -        Create a budget for the season
    • -See above. A budget will be built along with fee restructure.
    • -        What’s the current seat money? Enough to start season, buy airfence, etc?
    • -The club is currently solvent enough to start the season, as well as sponsorship money already being collected. Airfence is more expensive than our budget would allow and sponsorship of such is in motion. Lasting through the year and COVID situation will be reliant on participation.
    • -        Store airfence in the tuff shed
    • -This used to be done, however our amount of airfence has outgrown the tuff shed. We are working with Charlie to find an enclosed area to store it.
    • -        Are there enough members/volunteers to run the club during track and race events?
    • -We need volunteers – gate (all day, both days), corner workers, etc. Especially Saturdays!
    • -        Give ample time to members to volunteer at club events
    • -We will do our best to have events and volunteers lined up so that we can ask for volunteers prior to the weekend. Also see box #1 we will need volunteers for bike nights with sponsors & to tell the club of events we should attend.
    • -        Annual club membership to include 10 mandatory volunteer hours
    • -Board moved for a vote and 8 hours (1 hour per race weekend) for all membership has been approved and will be added to the rulebook.
    • -        Use both tack configurations equally for track and race days
    • -At this time, airfence will need to be sponsored/purchased before the alternate configuration can be ran safely. We are looking at track improvements, stand, and airfence alternatives to ensure we have two configurations SAFELY ran.
    • -        Implement a track facility plan with DOH for compliance (Charlie)
    • -We have been informed that this has already happened with Charlie and that 2021 will be better. Further work is being completed, such as cleaning and surface repair.
    • -        Implement a tiered sponsorship system to allow less financially fortunate businesses to participate
    • -Please see section 1. This has been addressed by CJ as well, and the club is taking this into consideration and asking for “swag” or “giveaway” materials from those who can not financially sponsor a class.
    • -        Recruitment plan for new members/racers/sponsors
    • -Please see section 1 & 3 above. Both CJ and Brian brought up ideas to bring in new riders. Kim also has brought up ideas on getting track riders to racers.
    • -        Cold call previous membership and sponsors to recruit
    • -Please let us know if there is anyone specifically that comes to mind and send that information to us.
    • -        Check with previous racers to donate safety gear
    • -This idea has been addressed by CJ as well. If you know anyone, please let us know and we can contact them.
    • -        SMRI marketing material provided by LawTigers?
    • -CJ is happy to help us, and we are looking at posters with the schedule again. What would you like to see?
    • -        Combine race classes to shorten day. Tighten race classes to a few to save expenses.
    • -What would you suggest?
    • -        Create a points system that gives incentive to come out and race
    • -        What would you suggest? We have a points system, what change do you need to see?
    • -        Rent to race progam on 250s
    • -This was introduced by CJ as well as something Roger does. We would need bikes donated in order to get this program off the ground but Chris, Brian, Scott, and Steve have agreed to help however they can to get & keep the bikes going if received.
    • -        Youth that races program
    • -Looking at programs to bring in. Please let us know what you suggest. Our AMA insurance is a current hurtle we are looking to work around, or finding insurance specifically for youth events.
    • -        Lady racer program
    • -We need more information. What are you suggesting?
    • -        Schools race program
    • -We are looking at revamping and finding ways to bring in new racers. Please see section #3
    • -        Track-side clinics: street, safety, race, suspension, tech skills, etc
    • -Kim, Brian, and Steve have volunteered to help in these clinics. Please give us more information, or what you would like to see so that we can work together to bring this to the track.
    • -        Invite other race clubs (MRA, ASMA, WERA, AHRMA)
    • -We currently allow free reciprocal licenses to these clubs. As well as the USBA. Unfortunately, their tracks and facilities are larger and in better condition than ours. We do address in section 3 that we do offer free electric which most tracks do not. What else would you suggest we do to get these riders here?
    • -        Improve tracks infrastructure (trash collection, weeds, power outlets, bathrooms, signage, PA system, bleachers, track surface)
    • -Track infrastructure is not currently in our control. We can make suggestions to Charlie and the owners. The track surface is being repaired, looking at corner stands, weeds, etc. Where can we help as a club with these volunteer hours?
    • -        Bike/movie night at track, sponsors shops
    • -As discussed in section #1, sponsors hosing bike nights would be club attended by any who would like. We would like to be more involved in our sponsors events.
    • -        Who are the investors at the race track? What is their 5 year plan? How long is Charlie going to be here? Can we meet with them to discuss our 5 year plan?
    • -

  • 23 Feb 2021 11:49 AM
    Reply # 10129588 on 9728536
    Kimberly Prichard (Administrator)

    Febuary Meeting Minutes:


    Prior Meetings’ Minutes and Outstanding Issues

    • -        Roger regarding N/S challenge – waiting on the governor
    • -        Crash trailer (purchased) - $500 chris will bring either way
    • -        Airfence trailer (Repair scheduled) -
    • -        Website updates (any needed) Xen access as admin. Scott, Cass, Kim, Xen. 
    • -        Contract signed with Charlie? Scott?? Something signed?
    • -        Turn 3 relocation? Did not find a better placement, staying as is
    • -        Enclosed airfence storage? Yes he got a trailer, need a loading solution
    • -        Past rider, sponsor contact -


    Financial Update

    • -        Needs to match deposits to invoices from wild apricot. See what sponsorships, invoices unpaid.
    • -        Reconciliation to 9300 odd, 1800 to savings (for gross receipts). All 2020 checks accounted for or cleared. All UNM paid. Auto-pays moved to Xen’s new card.
    • -        Will look at outstanding invoices for airfence for purchasing.
    • -        Can we break even with events? Track days make money, race days lose money.
    • -        Building a forward-looking projections to make money per month, retained earnings for investments.
    • -        Possible expense – banners for track day, banners for race day (reusable if no specific date put on) – see if a group of kids want to donate. Raffle off banners proceeds to school at banquet.
    • -        Recovery of funds is being handled by the board of directors and currently in progress.


    Corner workers

    -any luck recruiting? Permanent replacement?

    - buying hours out? Membership hours?

    - make a post about needs,


    Marketing, Social Media

    • -        Advertising on social media (minimum $100) – may not be worth it
    • -        What invoices have been paid from sponsors?
    • -        Possible expense – banners for track day, banners for race day (reusable if no specific date put on)



    • -         Up to date price – randy invoice out tomorrow, JTomm not invoiced. Who has paid?
    • -         Logo decision to Jereme Ragsdale & Steve Brown – vinyl in high performance and printed on airfence covers. Need GMC/JTomm logo
    • -         Have 6 pieces, 3 donation towards, 7th with JTomm – scott will order. Scott to take to Lubbock. 6 does get us to where we need to be for alternate with some hay bales. May need to look and see if we need to mix and match or salvage (3 or 4).


    Job duties, officer benefits – 2019 changes

    • -         Who is supposed to set up meetings? Ken - president
    • -         Will revisit benefits for fees
    • -         Grids moved to timing and scoring, most in website for Sec. Sec needs to track hours, work with treasurer
    • -         Awards – Dennis is taking it on
    • -         Banquet –
    • -         Scott has these somewhere from 2019 – needs to email it


    Rulebook –

    Kim has done all changes.

    Hours – all members, not novice. Hours not accounted for should be paid for prior to the last weekend or signed up for hours for the last weekend. Treas and Sec to track.


    Fee restructure- revisit from townhall – lets look at attendance fees and possibly get this locked in by March 11th.


    Schedule March Townhall, roll out fee restructure, aim for week after March 11th meeting.


    Clean up day – April 25th, let Charlie know please



    • -         Board meetings, 2nd Thursday of each month
    • -         North/South cup challenge – waiting for okay on governor
    • -         Sponsor bike nights – we will solicit waiting for governor
    • -         Rider requested events – toys for tots, etc.
    • -         Reaching out to other clubs to encourage participation

    Steve Mayes – can he get us away from wildapricot? Or work with Kim to edit and rearrange to make the experience better.

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