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So you want to race, but you don't know how to start? 


The SMRI Race License School is intended to provide riders who want to learn about racing with useful information & instruction to help make their track experience safer & more enjoyable.  The SMRI Race License School is the first step towards motorcycle road racing.  A certificate of completion from a certified Race License School is REQUIRED to receive an SMRI Racer’s License.  SMRI is an AMA-sanctioned club, so an SMRI Racer’s License is accepted as bona fide credentials for those who wish to go racing with any other AMA sanctioned club or with many non-AMA sanctioned clubs.

Race License Schools will generally be available around SMRI track days, pending a minimum of three registrants.

Riders who complete the requirements for the SMRI Race License School are rewarded with a complimentary Super Street Race (that’s two heats!!!) on the next race day scheduled.

The SMRI Race License School is broken into two sessions.  They are the Classroom Theory Session and the On-Track Drills Session. 

The first session is the Classroom Theory Session.  It is generally held the Friday evening before the track day, but is sometimes held the weekend before or one evening during the week before the track day to accommodate specific students, at the New Rider Director’s discretion.  This session is held to communicate to each student what they might expect on the track during races, and to help them prepare for a safe racing career!  Some of the topics covered include:

  • Safety
  • Flags
  • Track Protocols
  • Race Day Procedure
  • Bike Setup
  • Riding Technique

The second session is the On-Track Drills Session.  It is generally held during an SMRI Track Day (cost of admission is covered by the SMRI Race License School fee, though Students will need to be ready to pay the $5 gate fee and sign a waiver at the gate) and its purpose is to teach riders how to safely maneuver their motorcycles on the racetrack and to insure they can do so safely in a racing situation.  Students will need to arrive at the track by 7:00 a.m. in order to undergo Technical Inspection.  On-track drills will begin at 8:00am sharp!

**Students must attend the classroom portion of the course before attending the Track Drills.  It is recommended that students complete both the in the same weekend.


Who is required to take the Race License School?

Any rider who has never raced but wishes to obtain an SMRI Racer’s License is required to obtain a certificate from an approved Race License School per rule  SMRI’s Race License School fulfills this requirement.

Any individual wishing to race & not currently licensed by another recognized road racing organization.  (See rule book, section 3.2.3 for a list)

What is the total cost for the SMRI Race License School?

The cost for the race school is $300.  This price includes the classroom session, track drills on Saturday, and a Mock Race and a complimentary Super Street race on Sunday.

Are there any additional costs?

For the SMRI Race License School there is no additional cost.  To participate in racing competition New Racers must fill out a club membership application and a club medical form, obtain AMA membership, and must purchase an SMRI Racer’s License for $125.  The cost of the AMA membership is $49 if purchased online from the AMA, or $55 at SMRI Event Registration. 

What other preparations do I need to make?

To participate in Saturday Track Drills, the Mock Race, and Super Street races, all lights on the bike must be covered with tape (masking tape, duct tape, or electrical tape are suggested).  This includes the headlight, tail light and turn signals.

All riders must have one or two piece leathers, gloves that cover the wrists, leather boots that cover the ankles, back protector, and a full-face helmet.  SMRI rents gear including a leathers, gloves, and boots, available in several sizes, for $25 per day (one fee for as much as one person needs).

Where can I learn more?

Download the New Racer Information Packet from the SMRI website.  This will serve as a guide that can answer many questions for any new racer.  For example: What to safety wire, how to safety wire, what to bring to the track, etc...

Ask a racer!  It sounds too simple, but most SMRI racers are very accommodating and friendly and would love to help you get into the sport.  If you feel like you need a little extra attention SMRI can assign an experienced racer to be your mentor…someone you can call with questions, who will volunteer information on subjects you might never have thought of, or just to lend a helping hand.

How do I pre-register for the SMRI Race License Class?

Pre-registration is required by 4:00pm on the Tuesday prior to the class you plan to attend.  To pre-register you can either E-mail us or register online.  To register online you’ll need to set up a user account as a “Track Day” participant, then register for the track day on which you wish to take the On-Track Drills Session and check the Race License School option for that track day.  This will allow you to pay your school fee in advance.  Don’t worry….when you pass the class and get your Racer’s License we’ll make your Track Day participant account a Racer account lickety-split!!! 

Please E-mail us to pre-register for the race school, or register online!

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